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Partnering with the Best Dispensaries Across Montana

Through our wholesale program we offer our partner-dispensaries access to bulk purchases of our premium cannabis products at discounted rates. From our handcrafted concentrates, to our award-winning gummies, and our premium organic flower, our wholesale partners are offering *their own customers* the very best of what Cannabis Counter produces. Send us a message below if you're a licensed Montana dispensary interested in exploring a wholesale partnership.

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What Makes Us Different


Premium Quality

Organic flower grown in 100% living soil. Concentrates produced without any chemicals. Tinctures made from artisan crafted solventless hash rosin. We focus on quality, because quality sells and helps set your dispensary apart.

Range of Innovative Products

We have a wide selection of products available. It all starts with our organic flower and expands outward from there to our gummies, concentrates, tinctures, disposable vapes and cartridges. Whatever you need- we've got your back.

Complete Partner Alignment

We want our partners to be aligned. That means offering competitive pricing that works for our partners, and then improving that pricing as they sell more Cannabis Counter products and we deepen the relationship.

Delivery Available

Through our licensed, insured, courier partner we can deliver wholesale orders to locations across the state. Have regular volume you need to be able to plan for and rely on? No problem, let's talk about a schedule and solution that works for you.

For Licensed Montana Dispensaries

Interested in partnering? Get in touch.

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If you think there might be a fit, get in touch with a member of our team today.
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