Cartridge Hero 2

Black Maple

Try Our Vape Cartridges!This live rosin vape cartridge comes from our indica-dominant strain known to produce deeply relaxing effects without becoming utterly sedating.


Perfect for when you need to let go of stress and deepen feelings of well-being and comfort. Enjoy during a night off, playing a board game or around the campfire.

Honey Jar

Native Terpenes

All of our vape pens contain native terpenes that are added back into the distillate oil. Unlike many other manufacturers we never purchase food-grade terpenes and add them after the fact.

Honey extreme closeup

Potent Effects

Our process ensures that indica and sativa distillate are kept segregated prior to extraction to ensure that the desired effects are achieved. And our blends contain only premium CBD derived from organic, locally-grown, hemp.

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