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Try Our Tinctures!Part of our Socialize line, this fast-acting, 300mg THC, tincture produces happy, euphoric effects. Perfect for enjoying a hike with friends, a live show, or a night out.
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With happy, euphoric effects, it's perfect for a night out, attending a live show or simply going for a hike with friends.

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Carefully Crafted

Cannabis Counter tinctures are artisan-crafted, solventless hash rosin creations. Each mood-themed option is carefully curated to deliver a specific experience; our Socialize line provides a happy, euphoric, tincture experience, suitable for a night out.

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Highest Quality

Made with organic medium-chain triglyceride oil to aid absorption and organic natural flavors, Cannabis Counter tinctures are meant to fit a healthy lifestyle. They are naturally gluten free, keto-friendly, non-GMO and Kosher certified.

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