Sugar Black Rose Trio

Sugar Black Rose

Try Our Organic Flower!This indica-dominant hybrid has a sweet taste with hints of fruit and fresh flowers. Great to help soothe frayed nerves and encourage relaxation. Available as flower, a single 1g pre-roll, or a pack of three 0.5g pre-rolls. THC range between 20% and 28%.


Perfect for when you need to let go of stress and deepen feelings of well-being and comfort. Enjoy during a night off, playing a board game or around the campfire.

Smaller Plants

Superior Process

Our grow process starts with sourcing the highest quality seeds from the best cannabis breeders in the country. These seeds are then grown in 100% amended living soil, with no harmful chemicals or salt nutrients added- ever.

Plant Canopy

Superior Results

All of our flower is meticulously cured to maintain maximum, cannabinoid, terpene, and flavor profile. With a wide variety of strains blending both innovative and classic flavors, our premium flower selection has something for everyone.

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